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Long-Term Solar Benefits

Renewable and Sustainable
Reduced Electricity Bills
Energy Independence
Low Operating Costs
Environmental Benefits
Increased Property Value
Incentives and Rebates and Subsidy.
Reduction of Heat Island Effect
Global Climate Mit

Rooftop Solar

  1. You don’t have to pay electricity tariffs as high as Rs. 8/unit since solar energy is free.
  2. You can get credits when the solar panel for home on your residential rooftop produces more power than what’s consumed.
  3. You’ll definitely no longer be responsible for global warming.
  4. You will be the boss of your electricity requirements since most of the energy needs will be met by solar energy alone.
  5. With the yearly savings of up to Rs. 44,000 on your electricity bills (if you install a 4 KW system), you’ll be able to recover the upfront installation cost of solar panel for home in less than 5 years.
  6. You can avail of government subsidies on a solar system for home.

housing society

olar energy for housing society is free. What you’ll invest as the upfront cost will be recovered within 3 to 5 years, and you’ll continue to get free electricity for almost 25 years.

The benefits that the society draws from installing a solar power housing system are:

  • A dramatic reduction in the common area utilities electricity bill.
  • The reduction of the carbon footprint.
  • Better rooftop maintenance.
  • A cooler rooftop due to the installation of the solar power system for housing society. Needless to say, if the roof is cooler, so is the rest of the building.


1. You can save lakhs and crores of rupees every year

There’ll be a significant reduction in your electricity bill. That’s because most of your power needs will be met by solar energy from solar systems installed on the commercial rooftops.

You can save money in the form of income tax benefits by claiming accelerated depreciation of 40% per year on the cost of your commercial solar system..

2. You finally get to achieve the goal of reducing your carbon footprint

3. Satisfying the RPO obligations


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